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 Some misconceptions about beauty…

 Women want to look beautiful and healthy. But, do we know there are certain things which we all girls don’t know and unknowingly we do big beauty blunders. There are certain myths which one should be clear about in order to stay fabulous and look gorgeous.

Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths

Don’t pluck your eyebrows excessively

It’s very much essential to pluck your eyebrows to look in frame. Eyebrows should be shaped according to ones face cut that means it should suit your face. But if it’s done excessively, it’s harmful as gradually it leads to stopping of regrowth of hairs. Which leaves no other choice but to make false eyebrows with liners and pigmentation.

Should we drink 2 litres of water each day??

No doubt one should drink ample amount of water which keeps you hydrated and healthy. Doctors say that women should drink at least 2.2 litres of water where as men should have intake of 3

Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths

liters minimum. Besides this our skin and body needs nourishing creams as well and if it’s very dry and it needs extra amount of nourishment.

How can we free ourselves from greenish look of skin??


It’s found that our skin changes color, its becomes greenish.

One can apply minerals and clay masks to get rid off this yellow- greenish aspect of skin. Our skin changes color to yellow or green due to excessive sun exposure or ample amount of smoking.

So by avoiding these can really be helpful to you.

For how long can we use the same cosmetics??

Cosmetics normally do not last life time. With the time, gradually they get deteorated. Carelessness and keeping them at wrong places can also spoil them. Generally cosmetics are meant to last for 3 to 5 years not more than that. They are provided with some preservatives which control their degrading.

Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths

If you notice certain changes like change in color, breaking of texture or some wateriness in your cream, it means you can not use the product further.

Generally shower gel, conditioner last for about three years, mascara and liquid eyeliner for four months, eye and lip pencils for three to five years, lipstick for three years and foundation for two years. And body lotion not more than three years.

Can your age be detected with your lips?

Our lips can actually make us look older than our real age. They are covered with muscles and elastic fibers which help in their movement.

Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths

Lips lack hydro lipid film and melanin that can make them protect from harsh external factors. Hydro lipid film protects the lips from bacteria and fungi and their absence makes the lips prone to these harmful organisms. Which in turn makes them age early than actual time.

 Empower yourself with the knowledge of these deep secrets to stay stunning and ever glowing.



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