Wanna Look Like A Celebrity This Winter

Hey girls, winters are approaching. Do you want to Look Like A Celebrity this winter? If yes, then lets explore celebrities style statement and look trendy this winters.

look like celebrity


With the right kind of accessory and winter cloths you can create dazzles around. Get a scarf and leather gloves. These are must for winters. Make sure these should be colored because it will add a spunk and attractiveness for your attire. Then the next accessory is a hat which is made up of fur. Go for trapper hats which celebs like Jennifer Garner and Katy Perry etc. are wearing. Go for a big hat which will look good and keep your ears and head warm in this cold weather. Then you can go for big bold earrings, a statement necklace or a cocktail ring. Don’t go for lots of accessories together but pick specific with a good color. You can for stone jewellery in different colors suiting your attire.

Then coming next to fun tights. You can go for black tights, they give you a classic look you can pair it with any color. Then coming next to sunglasses. Well girls a pair of sunglasses look cool with long coats and a hat. You must know the shape of glasses suiting your face. Then we have other option like big berets. You can check Dakota Fanning’s oversized beret. These will look really good. Then a fur coat is an essential to your wardrobe. Short fur coats are worn be Victoria Beckham. You can also pick different kind of fur coats from the showrooms.

Then you can go for camel tones this winter. You have plenty of options like camel tone trench coat, then traditional camel hair coat. The color is very awesome to wear. Then coming to sweater jackets. You can pick a comfortable sweater jacket of colors like charcoal gray. And pair it with oversized scarf and gloves. This gives an ultimate look. Then we have chic gloves. You can have a black leather gloves with gold buttons by Michelle Trachtenberg.

Then we have an animal print scarf to add. It will add a spunk to your winter attire. Then comes jackets which are puffy. These are quite sleek and trendy. You can go for a curve hugging jacket which is well tailored. You can also have a choice of picking a shiny textured material. Then we have fur lined hoods. This adds an elegancy to the look. Soft scarves. You can choose Kerry Washington’s light blue oversized scarf. Then at last a knit cap. A bright colored cap will add a life to dull wardrobe. Then we have shearling. These look super cozy which would look good both on casual and sophisticated look.

1. Tuxedo Jacket : Slim fit tuxedo jacket looks amazing. Try these tips too.

look like a celebrity

2. Oversized Beret : To look preety, try oversized beret.

3. You can try fur collar jacket to look more stylish.

look like a celebrity

4. Go for fur coat. It looks hot and keeps you warm too.

Look Like a celebrity

5. Wear Thigh-High Boots, nothing looks more sexy than a pair of black coloured over-the-knee boots.

6. Try coat with camel tones. It adds classic style.

7. Go for all black this time. Try to wear everything from head to toe in black color, But make sure they have texture instead of plain.

8. Sweater Jackets : Try comfy sweater jacket and look different.

Look Like A Celebrity

9. Wear black leather gloves adorned with buttons.

10. You can also try leather leggings paired with leather jacket.

Look Like A Celebrity

11. Try scarf with animal print. It looks amazing.

Look Like A Celebrity

12. Try different hats to look more stylish.

13. You can try jackets in bright colors like red, green also.

Look Like A Celebrity

14. Brown leather also looks nice.

15. You can add Puffy Jackets in your wardrobe.

Look Like Celebrity

16. Try bright colored knit cap.

Look Like A Celebrity

Girl, try these and look trendy this winter.

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