Try some wet hair styles

Wet hair styles look sexy and attractive to the lookers. They are not that difficult to make. You can work on some tips given below.

Get wet hairs styles

Get wet hairs styles

Make a hair spray for your wet hair styles

Make a spray with a mixture of one part conditioner and four parts water. Spray on your heavy hairs. It will bring out natural waves by keeping your hair soft at the same time. You can leave your hair loose for a great look.

Use pins

Get stylish wet hairs

Get wet hairs styles

You can make wet hair styles by using pins. Part your hair and while taking some hairs on smaller side, put two pins. It will give a sweet look. Or you can part your hair from middle and then put pins on each side.

And a very useful advice to all of you girls chlorine is bad for your hair as it dries the hairs. So always rinse your hair after swimming.

Go for wet hair styles this summer and get people dazzled with your look.

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