Try Nail Art At Home

Nail art is quite famous these days. You can play with your nails with these arts. 

Nail Art

You can do it with the help of a toothpick. Dip it in the color whichever you want. Then make spirals with it. Toothpicks are stiff so you can easily hold them. You will have to do the art on your nail very patiently as it requires much time.

Nail Art

Pretty Flowers nail art. You can paint flowers on the nails. Make a fern design on the lower part of the nails with anchor blue and brilliant white. You can draw any flower of your choice on the nail. You can have an artificial set of nails for painting purpose also.

Then next we have Graphic Prints. These are quite famous these days. Just get the stickers and smooth them onto your nails. Then we have Metallic Shine. Metallic hues are in fashion.

Roxanne Valinoti gave a gold and silver polish to the models. It gave them a high tech and feminine feel. You can go for two coats of this shade and then top it with a shiny topcoat.

Nail Art

Double Reverse French. Nude nails are really famous this season. You can paint a double stripe along the top of a taupe manicure. Essie jazz was used as a base and then Midnight Cami and Wrapped in Rubies on the tips.

Nail Art

You can also try painting a wide stripe first then layering a thinner stripe on the edge. Then we have Polka Dots. Take two bottles of polish one colored and one black, topcoat and a makeup sponge. All you need are two bottles of polish (one color, one black), a makeup sponge, and topcoat it. This look was created by obsessive compulsive cosmetics with the help of deep red color. Deep green, tarred.

You can paint two coats of color of your choice. And use sponge on the black and do polishing towards the tips. Then apply the topcoat and use cute polka dots. Geometric Tips. You can start with short nails and put dark side of the moon, a deep, aubergine shade. Then she added a metallic gold tip with the help of Nefertiti. You can get the two shades of polish.

Nail Art

Then we have the New half moon. You can put one coat of black polish. Then add a thin stripe of gray to it and then make a white crescent moon along the length. It looks very dramatic and incredible.

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So girls try these astonishing nail arts and look fashionable.

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