Top 5 Ways To Eat Well and Look Pretty

For every women who have read a fashion magazine or a skin care article at one point of time or other, is aware of the fact, that though the wide range of skincare products available in the market promises you a flawless and beautiful skin, yet the best way to get that fit and fine look is to achieve it naturally. So whether you believe it or not, your skin is actually what you eat, and the make up can cover up those imperfections but can never perfect them. Hence here is our list of Top 5 Ways To Eat Well and Look Pretty

Citrus FruitsCitrus Fruits

The key to a better skin is an effective process of skin rejuvenation, and what else could top the list if not citrus fruits. One of the essential component of citrus fruits is Vitamin C, which is rich in anti-oxidants and de-toxifying agents and if that was not all, owing to its inflammatory properties it can work wonders against skin ageing, wrinkles, acne and thereby remove damage skin cells and unplog pores, consequently leaving you with a fresher glowing skin.

Coloured Vegetables

Remember, everything that is coloured is not bad for your skin. There are certain coloured vegetables which must form an essential portion of your diet, for instance carrot for its content of Carotene, Spinach and other Green Vegetables for its high content of Vitamin A etc. Both Carotene and Vitamin A are rated as excellent agents of skin rejuvenation, and acts guard to premature aging and cell damage with anti-drying properties.

Nutty AffairNutty affair

If you are bored with fruits and vegetables on the list, we have something for your taste buds as well. Exactly, Nuts! High in Vitamin E content, nuts majorly almonds, walnuts, pistachios are known to act as amazing sun blocks. Because of high anti-oxidant compositions, having nuts in your diet can ensure brighter and younger looking skin with little or no amount of dryness.

Sea-Food may besea-food dishes

Though you might not like the smell of most of them, yet they can work miraculously for your skin if included as apart of your diet, and yes we are talking of sea-foods. Containing zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids, sea foods comprising mostly as Mediterranean Diets has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which can thereby cure skin conditions of psoriasis, eczema and others with ease. They are also known to increase blood circulation which is most crucial for skin health.

Whole-Grains off-course

Whole-GrainWell, this one should make you happy, cause most of you already have it in your diet be it in the form of your regular breads, pancakes, chappatis or otherwise. Whole-grains contains sufficient amounts of Vitamin B and Rutin which aids skin cells in processing fats and thereby improves complexions and gets rid of imbibed skin damages. Not only that, they also act a major acne deterrent agents and could help curb diabetes.

Hence, all in all though you need not have all of them in your diet, almost everyday make sure you have a balanced input of the above-mentioned foods in your food-cycle atleast once or twice a month. This would not only make you healthy, but would help cutting a lot of your expenditure on useless skin care products and most importantly you would see the difference in your skin for yourself.

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