Tomatoes for glowing skin

Tomatoes are very blissful indeed. Their benefits are plenty. They not only  free you from problems like, sunburn but also they help in keeping the skin free from pimples and impart a natural glow.

Benefits of tomatoes

Benefits of tomatoes

Prevention from sunburn:

Tomatoes contain an essential protein lycopene, which gives them the red color. If we eat lots of tomatoes, it would help us protect from ultra violet rays of sun which are harmful for our skin. Tomatoes also act as energy producers apart from protecting our skin and keeping it clean.

Acne problems:

Pimple problems are very common among girls. They occur because of oily surface of skin which makes it prone to dirt and dust. Tomatoes have Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which help in the clearing of acne from the face. Simply mash a tomato and apply it on your face, leave it for an hour. Then wash it. Do it on a regular basis, it will reduce acne for sure.

Skin glowing: after clearing your skin, want to give an instant glow, mix tomato with some honey and apply on face. Wash after 15 mins. You will get a smooth and shiny skin. Tomatoes act as oil reducing agent and help in removing blackheads also. A paste of cucumber pulp and tomato pulp could be applied if your face is very oily. It will reduce the extra oiliness.

A paste of tomato with avocado helps in cleaning of face as it provides the most important three Vitamins A, C and E to the skin. They work wonders for combination of skin.

Tomatoes could be eaten and applied both as they are so much beneficial for us. So it’s a ready  made thing one can look for in her kitchen…

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Shazy Zia

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