Tips to Choose Glasses which Suits You

Do you wear glasses and worry about how you look in them? You do not have to worry as glasses could be wore according to ones face cut and style, which can enhance his looks.

Spectacles according to your face

You should keep certain points in mind while choosing them.

For round  face

Get a flat and rectangular shaped glass for yourself. They will make your face look lengthy and appear slim. They will balance your overall face look.

Square face cut

These men can go for round glasses which will balance the look well.

Oval face

With oval face cut you can go for any shape of glasses as all shapes will look good on this face cut.

Know about frames…

The basic formula to choose the kind of frame is to know when you will wear the glasses.

Metallic frames or black frames go well for formal occasions.

For other casual occasions you can go for some frames with funky colors like white, yellow,red  and blue. It will make you look cool and smart both.

Spectacles according to your face

While choosing frames go for lighter and slimmer frame as they are comfortable and less heavy.

You can try different styles of glasses and experiment with them but make sure they should suit you. Keep them changing  to get a fresh look.                                               

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