Tips For Getting Fair Skin

People want to look as fairer as they can. Fair skin is considered as one of the most important part of looking beautiful. But how you should get it? Don’t worry you don’t have to spend much amount in beauty parlours.

Fair Skin

You can get it easily by doing some home remedies.

You can squeeze a juice of potato ina bowl, and then apply on your skin. this will act as a bleach and make your skin fair id ont regularly. Take half lemon ans rub your face with it daily. It will lighten your skin tone. Lemon is very good bleaching agent you must note down. You can take small amount of honey with pinch of cinnamon and apply it on your face will lighten up. Go for mashed tomato pulp. Use it on skin to give it a pinkish glow. It also absorbs extra oil from your face.

Fair Skin
You can also make a mix of cucumber juice with lemon juice which will make your skin fair. It very good for oily skin. Coconut water is known for skin lightening and it very useful for removing scars from chicken pox. Application of plain curd is also good as it has zinc and lactic acid which will lighten the skin. Massaging the skin with almond oil or olive oil to get a fair and soft skin. Apply egg white twice a week if you have oily skin. your skin will get fair without oiliness on face.

Make a mix of papaya, honey, milk and milk powder and apply on your face. This will give instant fairness. You can soak almonds in raw milk overnight. Then grind and apply on your face. Usage of raw milk daily on your skin would lighten it. Can also go for a paste of sandal wood and multani mitti. Can use paste of turmeric with honey and lemon.

Fair Skin
You can also apply bread crumbs with malai on face to get a fair skin. Apply the juice of pineapple on your skin to get a fair skin.

Paste of watermelon and papaya is good for oily skin. Malai with besan or curd also makes your skin smooth and clear.
Make it a point when you go out in sun always apply suns cream on your face to protect your skin.

So, girls you can check the above given tips for getting your skin fair and beautiful.

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  1. Rajini says:

    please suggest me a fairness cream, its my wedding time, i want to become fair and i have normal skin, im from india

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