Tips For Exfoliation

Everyone wants beautiful skin. Every girl try so many things to get glowing and shiny skin. Exfoliation is one of the most important part of skin care routine.


What is Exfoliation ?
It is the method of scrubbing the skin to remove dead cells from the skin. It helps to give shine to the skin as dead cells are removed away.

How To Make Exfoliators At Home ?

You can try any of the below mentioned exfoliators at home.

a) Corn flour scrub work wonders on oily skin. Take one spoon of corn flour and add few drops of rose water. Massage gently in circular motion.

b) Oatmeal is also good for sensitive skin. Take 1-2 spoons of oats, add honey and few drops of raw milk. Massage gently and leave it on skin for 10-15 minutes. Then wash off.

c) Olive oil and sugar is also an amazing exfoliator for dry skin. Take one spoon of sugar, add few drops of olive oil into it. Massage gently and wash off.

What is Chemical Exfoliation ?

Chemical exfoliation make use of chemical to clean the skin.

Alerts :

1) Always use only that scrub on face which is meant for face.
2) Never apply exfoliator on dry skin.
3) Make circular motion while massaging.
4) After exfoliation, dont forget to apply moisturizer.

Tools For Exfoliation :
You can even use tools for exfoliation.

NutraSonic Face Brush.
It works in circular motion. It has helped in reducing patches, blemishes, wrinkles.


Girls, keep these things in mind while experimenting exfoliation at home.

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