Tips And Tricks to Apply Lip Gloss Balm

Lip Gloss Balm is must to get sexy and healthy look. They help to keep our lips moisturized. But do u know there is a proper way to apply Lip Gloss Balm.

Lip Gloss Balm


Lets Check it out :

1. First is you need to make base. You can use colourless lip balm which helps to smooth dry spots and cracks. It also helps to let your gloss last for longer time.

Lip Gloss

2. Select the appropriate color of Lip gloss balm, you can choose light shades for daytime and dark for night outs. Lipstick lovers must visit

You can try this color for daytime Lip Gloss Balm

3. For proper application of gloss, make use of lip brush.

4. Apply Lip gloss balm from center to outer edges of lips.

Lip Gloss

5. To make your lips look fuller, you can apply extra gloss or lipstick at the center of Lips.

6. Lower lip need more gloss than upper lip.

Lip Gloss

7. Move your brush slowly to get even distribution of gloss on lip.

8. You can apply glittery lip gloss over lipstick also.

9. You can use only Lip Gloss Balm without any lipstick for a natural look.

Lip Gloss

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Try these, these tips hardly take a minute to implement, but gives your lips a fabulous look and make you look more beautiful and charming.

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