Thinking of Hair Weaving ? Must know various facts about it

If I talk about baldness, it occurs when all of the hair falls from the scalp leaving it barren. Some people might go bald as it’s their style statement but others don’t go bald with their choice. Due some factors they suffer from the problem and then they think about the alternatives. There comes hair weaving as their rescue. That is hair are added to cover the loss on the head.

Now hair weaving could be of different kinds like one is in which human hair is used which is taken from some other individual. In the other one synthetic hair is weaved. Bonding, tracking, lace extensions, netting are some of the choices given to the patients.

Hair weaving vs hair transplant

Hair weaving vs hair transplant

But is it the safe and permanent process??

Of course not. It’s not a very good process which lasts for a lifetime. With time the weaved hair can get loose and fall too as they are glued to the scalp on a temporary basis and they don’t grow further also, their length remains the same always.

Different types of hair need different kind of care treatments and particular hair stylist who can manage them properly. Therefore it’s not something as permanent cure of baldness for sure. Moreover with time it could also affect the skin in a bad way.

But still hair weaving is a popular with people…

  •  Hair quality used has improved with time.
  •  It’s a painless procedure and takes not much time.
  •  Cost is less as compared to hair transplant.
  •  High density is achieved.

Hair transplantation as an  alternative…

It places natural occurring follicular units on the scalp that means hair can grow and, in high density. A robotic hair transplant is nowadays very common in which there are no cuts, stitches and pain. It gives a natural look to hair which is permanent unlike hair weaving and it is like one time expenditure only.

So Guys… when facing the problem of hair fall think twice, and then choose your best way out.

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