Things to be kept in mind while stepping out in monsoon

Every girl is scared of fungus infections during monsoons. we have few tips to be kept in mind while moving out in monsoons.

Things to be kept in mind before stepping out in monsoon

  • Carry an umbrella and don’t forget to carry plastic cover for umbrella. when you don’t want to use umbrella, shake off water droplets, fold it and pack it in plastic cover.
  • Carry an extra t-shirt or kurti : If you are completely drenched, don’t wait to let your clothes dry slowly, you can wear the extra t-shirt you carrying.
  • Say no to jute bags. Jute dries slowly and fastly develops fungus.
  • Wear shorts, skirts as they dry fast. Avoid jeans in monsoons(it takes lot of time to dry).

So girls, don’t forget these things and enjoy monsoon without fear.

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