Sunflower Oil As A Cleansing Agent

Well girls, oils like sunflower oil is a very good cleansing agents. They are not meant for only cooking purpose in kitchen but are good for every kind of skin type.

Natural Philippines brand Human Nature has two oils which are really good the one is Sunflower Cleansing Oil and Sunflower Beauty Oil. It’s very reasonable brand from Philippines.

Sunflower cleansing oil works same as the oil cleansing method; you can apply it on your face then massage it then remove the oil. It does not contain emulsifiers in it that is indeed a plus point.

Sunflower Oil

The method of usage…

Your hands and face should be dry, take out some of oil from the bottle and warm it a little and then with your palms of hands spread on your face. You can do the massaging with your hands.

Sunflower Oil

Then with the help of some tissue you can clear off all the oil. Then wash your face with the face wash. The sunflower cleansing oil is very light and not so much oily. It comes as a liquid in bottle. You can also remove makeup with this product. But keep in mind you should avoid your eyes area. You can go for a separate remover for your eyes area.

You can also use hot towel to remove all the traces of oil on your face. And regarding it fragrance, it’s quite good; it smells of a floral citrus. It gives the skin softness and smoothness apart from cleansing the skin. So you can definitely go for the oil.

Coming to Sunflower Beauty Oil, it comes in a small bottle; you can use it not only on your face but also on hands and hairs. It clears off the dark circles and other stretch marks and wrinkles on your skin. It also lightens and brightens your underarms. Besides all this if you suffer from pimple problems you can use the oil which will help in removing the marks left behind by eruptions. It’s a very light oil which takes some time to get absorbed in skin. You can also apply the oil on your dry parts like elbows, knees and cuticles, before going to bed; it will soften them and make them
moisturized. So it is good for the dry skin no doubt.

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You can try these oils and observe the results yourself.

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