Stay healthy and beautiful on the trips

When going for some trip or outing one always wonder what kind of food should be taken along with them. Which are healthy and nutritious and have fewer calories also.

What to eat on a trip

What to eat on a trip

Guys you can try these snacks and eatables for your journey…

Carry a can of dried fruits:

Pick a can of dry fruits from the grocery store. They can be munched when u r driving.

Peanuts with butter:

Take peanuts and butter which serves as a healthy snack on the road for sure.

Oatmeal cookies made at home:

Bake some cookies at home rather than buying from the store. They will give you the wholesome energy.

Fruits and cheese:

Take some fresh fruits like apples and grapes for having on the road trip. Along with them also carry some cheese slices with you.

Berries and banana:

Carry berries like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries with sliced bananas and store in a plastic seal tight containers. Can add some drops of lime to add an extra taste.

Some Sandwiches:

Make some sandwiches with some cucumber, tomato and orange. Put some mayonnaise sauce over the eatables. These sandwiches are every healthy and satisfying to your stomach.

Dried soy nuts:

Take some dried soy nuts .They have ample amount of protein with them and come in multiple flavors.

So if you are planning for some trips. Try these snacks on the way and make your journey healthy.


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