Some useful advice by Kate Winslet

Hollywood heroines like Kate Winslet are well known for not only their acting skills but also for gorgeous looks and beautiful skin.

  • At home Kate prefers to apply very basic makeup like concealer, mascara and a lip balm.
  • She never applies too much make up. It’s the lip she wants to fill with red color whenever she goes out.
  • And she uses the mix of two foundations that brings good results rather than one single foundation.
  • And gives the advice to never go to bed with make up on. Because during night body regenerates new cells.
Kate Winslet beauty secrets

Kate Winslet beauty secrets

Her face diet…

She follows her face routine daily to keep her face glowing and beautiful.

  • Two oranges and two mandarins in her breakfast.
  • One glass of orange with lemon, kiwi, raspberry juice.
  • In lunch one piece of water melon, one cup grapes, one apple and one infusion.
  • One grapefruit and one mandarin in as a snack
  • In dinner three slices of pineapple, three cookies, one banana and one infusion.

About exercise routine…      

Kate Winslet practices pilates to be in shape. she says women should  not really focus too much on themselves regarding keeping them fit rather she focuses on remaining calm and relaxed in daily routine which helps in looking good mentally and physically both. She does eat every thing which any other women will love to but not in excess. Among his favorites are fat coke and chocolates.

Girls we can achieve greater heights of beauty and health by adopting  Kate tips and advices.


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