Some habits to be avoided to stay beautiful

There are enormous amount of habits which harm our skin in one or other bodily ways. We normally have habit of using the unclean makeup or we buy expired cosmetics. Apart from these we smoke and drink. These all lead to bad effects on our health and skin.

Bathing in hot water:

Bad habits

Bad habits

Taking shower in hot water can be very relaxing but excessive hot water can be very harmful for facial skin.

It makes your skin reddish and dry.

Habit of drinking:

Bad habits

Bad habits

Women who drink alcohol should be very careful. Alcohol is the cause of breast cancer. It reduces the essential oils on the skin making it very dry.  Alcohol not only makes facial blood vessels dilate and they can burst if too much dilated.

Inadequate sleep:

Adequate amount of sleep is very necessary for the body. If you sleep less our body becomes restless and leads to depression and stress. One should take proper sleep.


Bad habits

Bad habits

Smoking too much is very injurious to health. It reduces the blood flow in the skin. It leads to the problem of wrinkles on the skin and makes the skin look dull.

Don’t use dirty brushes from the makeup kit:

Keep your brushes clean always. It can cause skin problems of acne and bacterial infection. Its advisable to wash brushes with shampoo every week.

Talking on phone in excess:

Bad habits

Bad habits

When you talk more and more on phone it can cause skin problems like pimples etc. because heat and friction can cause acne breakouts.

So girls try to avoid these habits which can make your health go down and skin really bad.

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