Some Accessory Blunder Guys should Avoid!!!

Styles depend on person to person. Some things that look better on one person can look worse on the other. People can create their own style by wearing accessories of their own choice. But some rules are unavoidable when styling yourself and you can not exempt yourself from it.

Wearing earrings

Earrings do look cool on men but one should know the right ear lobe to put it on. Guys always wear earring on left lobe or both never ever wear it on only the right one. It’s a complete fashion disaster which one can create by wearing earring on the wrong side. It will not only attract negative response from the opposite sex but also will show your inadequate knowledge about fashion.

Wrist bands & bracelets

Men Style Statement

Men Style Statement

Bands look awesome on guys. But never wear multiple bands on your wrist. You should know fashion is not about just collecting things and wearing them all together but it’s about keeping it simple yet stylish. So guys can go for simple bands matching their clothes and overall look.

Drivers cap

Drivers cap is something which creates a unique style in men. But it should be worn correctly that is never wearing it backwards, it will look really bad. Always wear it in forward direction which will look very attractive and cool at the same time.


Men Style Statement

Men Style Statement

Now coming to belts, never wear belts which have some expression on their buckle. Wear simple belts without any expression or design. Go for different colors according to your clothing.


Socks could be worn with shoes but make it a point never ever wear them with your sandals. It looks silly. Moreover they will make your feets smell really bad. So don’t go for socks when wearing sandals.

Trucker Hats

Boys who like to wear hats on their heads, it does look cool but one should know the kind of hat suitable for the purpose. Always avoid wearing trucker hats instead go for normal baseball hats to cover your head with.

Men Style Statement

Men Style Statement


Giant rings should be avoided in any case as they look really weird and uncool. Guys can go for some small rings, if they really like wearing them but avoid big ones totally.

Make sure you always keep these tips in your mind while moving out…

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