Smoky eyes are the favorite among all the celebrities

When talking about makeup, eye makeup is something which we can not exempt ourselves from. Eye makeup could be done differently depending on person’s choice or demand of the occasion.

Among all of the eye makeup, smoky eyes are the favorite among all the celebrities. It looks good on every one.

Actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee and Amrita Rao all are obsessed with the smoky eyes.

We could easily notice these heroines wearing smoky eyes in their movies. Like Rani Mukherjee is doing it since her movie “Chalte Chalte.”

Get Smoky eyes like celebrities

Get Smoky eyes like celebrities

If we talk about Bipasha Basu she is also obsessed with smoky eyes, and wears peach blush and coral lipstick with it. It looks good on her. Girls can follow her.

Aishwarya Rai apart from her movies is seen wearing smoky eyes in Cannes film festival most of the time.

Get Smoky eyes like celebrities

Get Smoky eyes like celebrities

She just loves the look which goes well with her big beautiful eyes.

Other actresses like Lara Dutta do very less makeup or no makeup normally. But she too prefers to go with smoky eyes when applying makeup and it looks good on her small eyes unlike Aish’s big eyes.

While Amrita Rao could be noticed wearing bronzy cheeks with smoky eye makeup. It makes her look dazzling and attractive.

So girls do go for smoky eyes, it will make you look more appealing and charming in events.

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