Sleep Better And Look Beautiful

We often feel that we are not getting adequate amount of sleep because of so much mental stress or long hours of work. When we get up in the morning then we feel restless, tired and lethargic. And it does reflect on our face and work which we do.

You can try a remedy using lavender oil. It’s been said that if we drop a few drops of lavender oil on our pillow we can have a good sleep. But the other alternative for this is to drop about 2-3 drops of pure lavender oil on a tissue paper and then you can place it near your head. The scent is so soothing and calming for your senses no doubt.


You will find that you had a relaxed body and will wake up with a fresh mind. Don’t do the process regularly so that you do not get addicted to it. But yes whenever you feel a problem in sleeping you can do this and relax your mind. Make sure you get a good quality of lavender oil and store it so that you can easily use it whenever you feel like.

Sleeping well is nature’s best cure because when you sleep your mind is on rest and you relax and while sleeping your body regains energy for the next day’s work. When you don’t sleep properly then the next day it shows on your face, your eyes look puffy, face becomes dull and out of life, and your skin suffers from dark spots which look more highlighted. When you take rest and adequate amount of sleep you wake up with full of energy, looking brighter with a clear skin. That means good sleep is very much essential for our overall wellbeing.


Well guys, there are some ways to get good sleep. Like first is with lavender oil which we have discussed then we can do yoga and exercises. Whenever people do yoga before going to sleep they sleep better and for those people who don’t do, they can go for physical work exercise which makes their whole body and muscles in motion and they feel tired which gets them good sleep.


Next option is you can go for warm honey. When you have some warm honey before going to bed you sleep better. You should keep your bed very comfortable that is sheets should be very soft and keep the temperature of the room suitable to the climate. These things will help you in getting good night sleep. Keep your sleeping area away from light and noise because they can disturb you while sleeping.

Those who love reading can make a habit of reading something light before sleeping. And avoid working in bed so keep your computers always outside. One should sleep 6-8 hours. a day. Sleeping extra number of hours is also not good for health. Some people sleep less because their body recharges quickly but some need more sleep. So it depends on your body how much it sleep it needs. You can use some sleeping products like Badger Balm Sleep Balm and Les Floralies Sleep Sniff Box. You can apply it under your nose and on temples. The Les Floralies contain little scented beads which have lavender, camomile essential oils. You can just open it and take some breaths of the scent and then relax.


Pack it properly so that the scent should not be lost. Besides this you can also try herbal sleeping pill that contains valerian. You can also go for Lioele Water drop Sleeping Pack. It’s from Korea. It’s a sleeping mask, a thick gel which you can apply on your skin. It has hydrating properties as well. You can just apply the gel and massage it well and then go to bed. It has a good fragrance also which soothes the senses.

The next product which you can try is Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex. It comes in a jar like container. The texture is like gel-emulsion, non-sticky and with strong scent of floral kind. You can spread it easily on skin and let it get be absorbed totally inside your skin. It will also keep your skin moisturized. Whenever you feel exhausted and stressed just spread the pack and go to bed.

The next day you will feel your skin is so fresh and much brighter. And don’t apply too much of it just a thin layer is enough to cover your skin.

So guys, try these tips and look energetic and gorgeous by sleeping well.

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