Shoes On Foot in Monsoons

During the season of monsoon special care of shoes and feet both is must. Fungal infection can occur if you are wearing plastic shoes for a longer time.Lets explore shoes on foot this monsoon.

So you should limit the use of plastic gum boots. And avoid wearing suede or nubuck shoes, they have a film on the surface and they get easily stained. Stains are permanent. You should store shoes in a dry area. And avoid wearing leather shoes, they are not good. Leather soles, they are tanned, absorb lot of water very quickly and swell damaging the shoe permanently. Use shoes with leather uppers, they will make your feet breathe and keep them airy.

Shoes On Foot

Girls can go for peep-toes. Shoes should be with mesh uppers. They let your soles breathe easy. One can also go for cool floaters and flip-flops for easy wear. Monsoons are also good for canvas shoes. Wear canvas shoes which have rubber soles and can be washed and dry. TPR soles with some form of grooves are the best; they are not affected by water and offer a good deal of slip resistance.


Shoes On Foot

Weathers dampness and sludge is the main which harm shoes, and moulds, fungus also add to the long term trauma. In the weather, feet can easily fall prey to fungal infection if plastic shoes are worn for a long time as the sweat is not absorbed by shoe. So don’t go for plastic gum boots strictly in rainy season. Oil pull up leather is the best as it does not allow the water to seep into the shoes. If your shoes get wet, dry them by leaving them out. And make sure you don’t dry in front of a heater as this can cause the leather to become hard and ubearable.

You can also leave silica gel pouches inside your shoes. Silica is desiccant and dries the surrounding air by absorbing moisture.

Shoes On Foot

And do keep it out of reach from children. And also never keep your shoes tightly wrapped in polythene bags. If you ever notice mould growth on the surface of the shoe, clean it with a dry cloth and use wax polish on top. Wax will seal off the leather surface and avoid further fungal growth.
Keep your shoes in good condition by taking care of your shoes in the monsoons.

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