Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

We all want to look gorgeous, get noticed and complimented for our style. The most inevitable and essential part of our overall persona is considered to be a good hairstyle.

Hairstyles are best suited when they are in accordance to the shape and geometry of the face.

Right Hair cut is must

Right Hair cut is must

It’s like having the best frame around your face to balance and bring out the face value. Beware!! A bad hairstyle may spoil your overall looks.

On contrary, a good hairstyle must minimize non attractive and complement positive characteristics. Further you can experiment with a variety of texture and colors to bring in life.

How to balance your face shape?

The most eye pleasing shape is oval shape. It is handy to know the face shape for better communication with your stylist. Choosing your right face shape is easy.

Look out for one of your picture with your hair off and find the best match from the list below. Your face might not be an exact match of any single shape but you can always pick the best one.

Try out. 






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