Reds lips are in fashion

Girls!! red lips can make you stand out of crowd. They can create your looks very astonishing and mirror cracking.  You can easily make your chapped lips look good.

Put some lip balm on your lips for providing moisture to the lips. Put a lip liner to your lips, and then apply colour to your lips. Lip liner will make your lips look fuller.

Red lips are in vogue

Red lips are in vogue

Some people face difficulty in finding a shade for their skin.

They should first even out the skin with little foundation.

They can choose blue-based reds. They don’t look overly harsh against pale skin tones.

Some people have olive skin.

People with olive skin should avoid wearing bronzer with can seem muddy when paired with intense lips. They can apply light concealer, mascara and a black liner all you need.

For darker skin  

People should choose reds with a brown base who have golden tones. And for blue- based skin can go for rubies with the hint of pink.

They should put less makeup on eyes.

What kind of eye shadow one should apply with red lips.

Girls with red lips, eye shadow should be light not that strong. One can also apply false eye lashes for putting some drama into looks.

Red lips are in vogue

Red lips are in vogue

So girls make your look complete with red lips.


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