Priyanka chopra’s beauty secrets

Well celebrities take good care of themselves by following their fitness regime. Makeups and hairstyles play a great role in keeping them attractive.

Today lets talk about our famous celebrity  Priyanka Chopra…

  • She drinks a lot of water and multivitamins on daily basis to keep her skin clean and hydrated.
  • She goes to gym four times a week.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals, and avoid much oil.
  • She has heavy snacks, baked steamed and stewed stuff. She eats sprouts of all kinds.
  • She takes  raw vegetables like red carrots, high fibre food stuff. Her favorite drinking water is coconut water.
  • About her exercises she does lot of breathing exercises.

About makeup

About her makeup she wears green colored contact lenses , which makes her look good and skin fair and smooth.

She wears a peachy pink blush on her cheeks.

She wears lipcolors based on pinks.

She does contouring on her nose to make it look slimmer.

Her hair routine

She colors her hair brown. Keeps her hair down either straight or bottom half curled in loose and outward curl.

She uses beer and egg on her hair which are supposed to be good.  And uses yogurt for her hair to keep it dandruff free.

And gives massage with coconut oil.

So girls, you can also follow this routine and look like priyanka chopra.

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