Nose Makeup Tips

Girls it’s a common problem we often are not happy with the shape of our nose and it’s a very bad feeling when it shows in your pictures. So we have a solution you all can go for nose contouring with make up. That can fill the flaws and can make the nose look good by following few nose makeup tips. It’s very much possible with the help of foundation and blushers shape of your nose could be altered.

We all have different shapes of noses…

Narrow nose make up Tips

Many women have narrow nose. Our some of celebrities like Angelina JolieSarah Jessica Parker. Take a concealor of darker shade than your skin and apply properly on the centre of the nose. And use the lighter shade on the sides of your nose. It will help in broadening of your nose.

Flat nose makeup tips

Apply darker shade of foundation on either side of nose. Then apply a thin line of lighter shade of foundation down centre of the nose and blend with the skin color. Apply a darker shade on each side of nostrils to correct their wideness.

Long nose makeup tips

Use a darker shade of foundation on either side of bridge of your nose. Now sweep the contour down around the nostrils covering the tip of nose. Now your nose will look smaller.

Nose Makeup Tips

Nose Makeup Tips

Broad nose makeup tips

You can apply a foundation one shade darker than your skin color. Apply it on both the sides of your nose. You can start from the inner corners of the eyebrows and take it up to the side of nostrils. This will make your nose look tapered and narrow. Now apply a lighter shade of foundation below the bridge of your nose and blend.

Bumpy nose makeup tips

You can use a darker foundation on the bump. Now apply a lighter shade of foundation on either side of nose.

So with the help of darker shades of foundations you can make difference in the shapes of your noses and correct their flaws.

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