Girls Check L’Oreal New Eye Lash

Lets try this false new eye lash which uses the concept of Lash Architect 4D.

The 4 dimensions which it includes are length, texture, volume and curl. It covers all the aspects you need for your eyes.

New Eye Lash

And its waterproof no doubt girls. It comes with a metallic teal color of the tube and mind it it’s very soothing and also has a metallic cap. It’s very thin with dense bristles which cover the short eye lashes really well and makes them look fuller and beautiful.

It has a wand which is fitted at some angle. This in turn helps in its usage. It’s quite long mascara and its brush is also quite lengthy which makes the whole thing long. The length also helps in putting it on your original eye lashes and then removing it as compared to shorter ones.

It has a large volume and deep black color which makes the lashes very prominent no doubt. It can serve the purpose of everyday mascara for sure.

So girls go out try this new Eye Lash Architect 4D and make your eyes more dramatic and beautiful.

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