Men and floral prints

Gone are the days when prints with flowers on them were only meant for women’s wardrobe or bed sheets and curtains.

Nowadays men too are going for floral prints whether it’s their tee or pants.  Not only this but various brands are making clothes with floral prints on them.

Floral pants

Guys you can buy couple of pants having nice floral printing on them. Pair them with white or any light colored tees. It will make cool attire for your casual outing with friends.


Shoes having flowers on them or belts and scarves can be bought and put on. They can be a symbol of summer season.


Men and floral prints

Men and floral prints

Floral shirts are also cool and smart option for men. Men can pair them with jeans or pants with a jacket add on.

They can carry this look to formal occasion as well. It will look both trendy and cool at the same time.

Floral jackets

Well boys if you really want to look unique in your style, can go for floral jackets. These will look awesome on you. And no doubt people will not be able to resist their glances.

So guys go for flowers this summer. Fashion is all about creating your own style and it depends on you how experimental are you. Try it at least once and notice the reaction of people around you.  Believe me it will not be a fashion disaster.

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