Makeup which Suits Your Eye Color

We all are blessed with different eye colors, which could be green, brown or hazel. So we should know what kind of makeup suits our eye color. Because correct make up can make you stand out while incorrect can make you look really worse.

Let us check different kinds of makeup according to our eye color.

Those persons who have a hazel eye color.

Eye color

Well if you color your eyes with a black eye liner, it will make you look outstanding. You can go for it when you are in some party or a function as it comes under bold makeup. You can choose makeup smoothing eyeliner pencil from Shiseido, It’s a
good one it doesn’t smudge, and you can give your eyes a smoky look by using it. When you are wearing bright clothes, you can go for loud makeup so make it a point make up should be more neutral.

You can check out the Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette, it’s a good purchase, it has all the shades from neutral to bright. It also guides you how you can use it. Then we have Stila trendsetting in Tokyo travel palette value. It has 4 different shades of colors. We have a Stila Convertible Mascara Black. It gives volume to the lashes.

If you have blue eyes.

Eye color

Blue eyes are very much noticeable and catchy. You can choose various colors. You can go for brown shade that will go with blue eyes. You should keep in mind about you hair color and skin tone. If you are having dark hair colors and warm skin tone, you can opt colors which are bold for example blue, rust, purple and metallic shades. You can go for Smash box eye wish palette is meant for all you with blue eyes but those who have darker skin and hair.

It has great colors like eggplant, warm brown, deep teal dark brown mascara and a light layer of a dark brown or black eye liner. And if you have fair skin color and hairs that can go with any color. Just search for softer versions of the eye shadow, liners, and mascaras.

You can go for Smash box in bloom Eye Shadow Pallet and brush. It includes soft shades of grey, orchid, and moss. It will highlight your eyes. Then you have an option for Dior Show Iconic Mascara in chestnut. You should go for a brown or Smokey gray for ex Stila kajal Eye Liner. You should know how to make up your eyes well. Just take shadow color which is neutral in color and cover the entire lid.

Then take a darker one and full the cover lid. Then take a light shade and mix the shades. Don’t go for layering eye shadow colors over the eye lid. You should avoid bright blue mascaras and eyeliners.

Girls with green eyes.

Eye color

The mantra to look gorgeous is to choose the correct eye shadow shades, mascara and eyeliner for Bare Minerals Peach eye color eye shadow. It has 7 shades of peach. In the evenings you can go for some drama to your lovely eyes with lighter to medium shades of purple. Then we have Du wop Eye catcher Shadow Green Eye Intensifier. It’s a mix of eggplant and green and gold shimmer mix.

Then comes the mascaras, you can go for black. You can go for Dior show mascara in rich black if you have a lighter hair colors. You can go for brown shade such as lash luscious brown mascara by Blinc kiss me. Then finish the look with lighter eye liner as lighter will look good with green eyes. Then we have Clinique Quick liner for eye shades from chocolate to shy brown. If you have small eyes they can be made larger by using golden or white eyeliner.

Gold digger is good for a glamorous golden hue. With green eyes you can opt for versatile colors. You can go for natural, earthy tones to purples and green mixes. Match the everyday hues with some bolder choices to create your makeup to suit your eyes.

Now coming to brown eyes.

Eye color


These eyes are also very versatile. Light colors will make the eyes stand out and metallic also. You can experiment with different colors to look the best. If you know that your eyes have a golden hue or a deep red tint. You can go for kat Von D true romance Eye shadow Palette. The metallic bronze and gold shadows will make the golden hued brown eyes stand out. And matte brown and metallic green will bring out red tones.

The mascara colors could be black, dark brown and navy blue. They go with the brown eyes. Dark brown will give you a natural look. Black and navy mascara give you adventurous styles. And when you will apply black mascara with lighter toned eye shadow, the eyes wills stand out. You can check out Lancôme hypnose custom volume mascara. It comes in all three shades. Brown eyes with dark natural tones of eye shadow will work well with a brown or taupe eye liner.

If you want to have a bold look, then go for black eye liner. The black coffee and black ebony pencils will look perfect with brown eyes. These are soft and allow smudging for a blended look. You can easily find make up for brown eyes.

So girls next time when you go out make sure you have done the right make up which enhances your look.

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