Makeup Tips: Lilac Eyes

Makeup Tips for Lilac EyesLilac eyeshadow is all the rage these days because it creates a dramatic look that makes your eyes bigger and other colors pop. It suits most eye colors, but complements brown or hazel eyes the best. It is also very versatile.

Applied lightly, lilac eye color can brighten your eyes during the day. Lilac in bold and vibrant shades can also give you a dramatic look for your nights out. The best thing about this makeup trend is that it is so easy and quick to do, even for makeup beginners. Here’s how you can achieve lilac eyes for a glamorous look.


  • Start by priming your eyes to avoid any creasing later on You can use a moisturizing concealer to keep the skin on the eyelids moisturized and plump. This also helps make the makeup look brighter on the skin when applied. You can also use primer to ensure that your make-up lasts for hours instead of concealer, but the latter usually works fine if you want to wear the makeup for a couple of hours.
  • Apply powder over the area to set your concealer and to give yourself a smooth surface to work on.

ApplicationLilac eyeshadow

  • Start off with a transition shade, something that is a few shades lighter than your main color and preferably neutral. Use a very light brown or flesh color or anything that will easily blend with your main color later on. Use an eye shadow brush to apply it on the crease of the eyelids extending towards the sides but never going beyond the tip of your eyebrow.
  • Apply a dark blue eyeliner pencil and start lining your upper lid and then smudge it. This will be the base of your eyeshadow. Next, line the lower lids.
  • Follow this up by taking an eye shadow brush and applying matte purple eyeshadow all over the eyelid using upward and outward strokes in the direction of the edge of the eyebrow.
  • To create dimension, use a darker purple shade and using the same brush, apply along the crease, starting from the side of the eye extending outwards, but not going beyond the edge of the eyebrow. Only apply along the creases so that the lighter matte purple color is still visible along the lower curve of the upper eyelid and right below the eyebrow.
  • Highlight the lower curve of the upper lid and the area right below the eyebrow to create a contrast with the darker crease. Choose a lighter lilac shade in metallic and lightly apply on these areas, following the curve of the eyelid and the orbital socket.
  • Take a dark blue liquid eyeliner and start tracing the upper lash line. Extend it beyond the length of the eyelid for a winged eyeliner effect. The blue eyeliner complements the lilac colors and provides great contrast without being too dark.
  • Apply mascara, and you’re done!

Final Tips:Makeup Tips; Lilac Eyes

To give this look a more glamourous, nighttime twist, apply white eyeliner inside the lower lids to make the dark colors look more vibrant.

Follow these easy, quick steps to get a glamorous look in creating lilac eyes!

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