Make Your Lunch Menu Right To Remain Beautiful

Well especially those girls who are working have always questions like what should be her lunch menu. For that they should know what each day their lunch menu should be containing.

You can easily make a plan for your each day lunch packet. Your packet should be containing all those products which make your body healthy and fit. Beauty has lots to do with what you eat, so keep it in mind you must eat right where ever you are.

Lunch Menu

Here are some of the tips for healthy lunch packets to carry : 

You can carry tomato, cherry and sweet potato for lunch. These products carry lots of beta carotene in them. Beta carotene is an anti oxidant which gives you protection from UV rays. Sweet potato could be boiled for 10 mins and tomatoes and cherry you can eat them as they are.

Lunch Menu

You can also go for salads in your lunch food. Your salad could include tomato, cucumber, onion with tuna chunks and eggs. You can make a sandwich with afresh bread having all of these eatables in it.And add to this healthy lunch a fruit like an apple each day. It is very nutritious and healthy lunch packet you can get to work. Tuna is a good source of omega -3fatty acid and eggs give you lot of protein. Apple is a good source of iron and fiber. It gives you a healthy and radiant skin.

Lunch Menu

You can go for dressing which is Italian on your fresh salad as well. It will make your salad tasty and more nutritious. You can also take some fruits instead of something else for your lunch time. Include pear which has lots of iron, banana, orange etc. they keep you fresh and enriched with vitamins. Apart from these drink lot of fresh water it keep you hydrated.

So guys with these tip, next time you don’t have to think twice while deciding what to eat for lunch.

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