Make your jewellery shine at home

How to keep your jewellery shine always like  new?

Its not mandatory to give your jewellery to jewellers for polishing and cleaning.All types of jewellery can be cleaned at home.Are you not wearing not jewellery from long time because its not looking clean, then we have a solution for you.


There is a well known dictum that diamond is girl’s best friend.Men and women have always been fascinated by jewellery.The desire to look attractive is inherent in human nature.Jewellery and ornaments are our lifelong and preciuos assets.They need proper care for their long life and for maintaining their grace.


1. Always buy jewellery from reputed shops, so as to save ourselves from cheating.

2. Avoid wearing rings when cleaning, gardening or while performing sports activities.

3. Protect jewellery from coming in contact with soaps, detergents, sprays, nail paints, nail polish removers.

4. Never go for swimming when you are wearing jewellery as chlorine in water can harm jewellery.

How to clean jewellery at home:

To clean gold ornaments, use warm soapy water(half a cup of warm water and 2 teaspoonfuls of detergent powder.Soak jewellery in this solution for sometime and then clean with a soft brush.

Tip: A little ammonia can be added to loosen the dirt, but it should not be used in case of pearls.Never use water to clean pearls, as it will rot the string and water may dissolve the glue with which the pearls are fixed.

Finally rinse in warm water, wipe with a piece of soft cloth.

You may also boil the pieces of gold with a pinch of turmeric and blue detergent powder in a steel vessel, before cleaning with a brush.

Silver jewellery can also be cleaned with a soapy solution of ritha powder and warm water, and can also polish at home by applying a reliable polish.Always wear gloves to protect hand from polish.

Useful tip: Silver jewellery can also be boiled with potatoes pieces to make them shine again like new.

For Diamonds, make a solution of 1 teaspoonful of detergent powder and 1 teaspoonful of soda bicarbonate and wash your jewellery very carefully in it.

For costume jewellery, put a coat of transparent nail varnish after you buy them.

Try these tips and please share other tips you have in your mind with us.

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  1. marlin says:

    useful information. thanks

  2. vids says:

    For Diamonds, you can also use liquid dish-wash solution; they are very effective.

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