Make your eyelashes beautiful

Attractive eyelashes makes eyes look more attractive. Oils on eyelashes give nourishment to them in addition to helping them in their growth. 


Castor is been the most popular oil which helps in their growth and add volume to them. The other option for castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil. They also promote the growth of eye lashes. Camellia oil and Vitamin E oil can also be used for the purpose. So you can choose the one specific oil or go for mixture of oils.

And you should put the oil daily for the good results. It would be good thing if you mix different oils together by taking equal parts and then can go for storing it for the long run. For storage you can get an empty bottle and can use a clean mascara or cotton bud for application.

Girls you can try Spa Espirit Group product for the good growth of eyelashes. It has in it ingredients like aloe vera gel, purified water, sodium chloride, sorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, biotin, glucosaminoglycans, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, octapeptide-2, vitamin B12. Apart from these ingredients the product uses Protein Peptide and it is found that it is used to enhance the growth of our eyelashes and eyebrows naturally and healthily.


For application you can apply a thin layer of the product on the base of lash line or brows. And make sure you don’t use the serum more than once a day and it’s good if you use it before bed time. It’s very easy to use. It’s a tube ‘which looks like mascara. It has thin brush which resembles like liquid eyeliner. So you can easily apply it.

Its absorbing capacity is really good and fast. And it has no scent in it that is it’s scentless. And it’s a positive point which the product offers. And it’s been observed that if you keep using the serum you will not witness falling of eyelashes while removing your make up. That means it has strengthening and thickening effect for the roots that prevents their falling out. So it has so many plus points.

It’s been noticed that when we wash our face or remove make up, some of eye lashes tend to fall out. So the serum would provide them strength and thickness which will prevent their falling out.

You should take some precautions while choosing eyeliner and mascara for your eyes. Because you can easily get troubled sometime while putting them on your eye lashes. If you are using liquid eyeliner then you should not use too close to the lash line because it can cause the irritation to the glands.

Water proof and smudge proof mascara can cause dryness to eyelashes and may provide a helping hand in making them fall. And moreover sometimes eye liners and mascara have ingredients which can cause eye infection too. That’s the problem with some of the brands not all of them. If you notice any kind of itching in your waterline that means you has an allergy problem with some of the ingredients in the product.


So choose correctly the right product that suits you. There are some other reasons as well. Sometimes we rub our eyes so much or remove make up roughly that cause the weakning and falling of lashes. Pencil eyeliners are much better as compared to liquid ones because they are creamier and not so drying and so they can be easily removed.

You can go for other options like instead of using mascara we can curl the lashes that will make the eyes look wider and beautiful.

There are no of mascaras in the market they promise women thicker lashes but not all of them are good, sometimes you can be wrong in using them correctly. So it’s very important to know how to use them very perfectly.

Lash Mantra is a good option because it really helps in making your eyelashes thick and voluminous. It contains eighteen pure cold pressed oil in it. It is the first 100% natural eyelash serum. Leon is also good, it contains eighteen pressed oils which include Argan, pomegranate seed, walnut, vitamin e, linolenic acids, oleic acid, punicic acid, proteins, amino acids, zinc, and antioxidents. And Lash Mantra is free from artificial scent, colorant, and other synthetic preservatives and chemicals.

How you should apply the serum ?
You can put the serum with your fingers or mascara wand. Its only with practice you can apply it correctly. Lash Mantra has other plus points also like you will not get the oil into your eyes. Just make sure you dab the extra oil and you will never feel irritation or soreness with this non sticky product.


You can apply the product directly on the base of the lash without any worry because it’s totally harmless for your eyes. It will take some weeks to notice the result from Lash Mantra but you notice the good growth of your lashes no doubt as compared to other ones.

And other tip for faster growth is to trim your eye lashes near ends and then apply the serum. It is also correctly priced natural eyelash growth serum. And its one bottle lasts long. Its packing is very simple, that is it’s not fancy, its comes in a glass bottle with crystal dropper with an additional mascara container packed in a jute bag.

So girls just go out and try these serums to make your eyes look more and more attractive and beautiful.

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