Make your legs look smooth and Attractive

All women want to make their  legs look very sexy and glowing. For this we all remove hair on legs and apply some lotion or cream to moisturize the skin. For removing purpose we either go for old technique of waxing or for a shaving method. Both are good in their respective ways. But one should make sure that she does it very cautiously so that the job should be done nicely and one is also not harmed in any way.

Make your legs attractive and smooth

Make your legs attractive and smooth

While going for waxing…

  • Whenever you go for waxing make sure never use expired wax, always check the date before using it.
  • It should not be very hot, because it’s dangerous for the skin.
  • Thirdly, don’t go for cloth strips, always use disposable strips for the purpose.

While shaving…

Most of the women may go for shaving instead of waxing as it’s the cheaper one.

  • Before starting the process, make sure to make your legs wet, as it moistens the surface and helps in gliding the blade easily. Otherwise shaving on dry surface could be troublesome. So always moisten your legs.
  • Use good razors with lubricated strips, spring mounted multiple blades and a pivoting heads. Change your razors on a   regular basis because using the same razor again and again can cause eruptions and some kind of infection. So why not avoid it.
  • Clean your legs with a scrubber before shaving so that all the pores should be opened and will not resist a close shave.
  • Apply a good moisturizer after shaving your legs to give your legs a smoothie touch.


If I talk about shaving creams so you girls would more than happy by knowing that shaving creams of men and women have the same ingredients. So women if you find shaving creams little bit heavy on your pockets, use the same men shaving cream.

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