Make Face Pack Using Mint

Girls you must have applied various face pack on your face for getting a glowing and fresh skin. Some of them give you glow, while some clear your skin and pores. But face pack with mint leaves is something very different and interesting to use.

Face Pack

So girls this time try a face pack of mint leaves. It’s been observed that mint leaves helps in clearing the skin and keeping it acne free. Apart form these it will give freshness with its fragrance which you can not resist.

Let’s know how to make a face pack using mint : 

Face Pack

There are various ways to make a face pack with mint leaves. But try the one with yoghurt and mungbean powder, it’s a good one. Mix two tablespoon of yoghurt with one tablespoonful of mungbean powder and few mint leaves finely cut. Now apply the pack and keep it for 15 mins then rinse it. It has strong fragrance of mint which refreshes you and clears off your skin completely from any impurity.

Face Pack

It is very interesting indeed to add mint leaves to your routine homemade face packs. Mint leaves not only help in clearing and refreshing your skin but its really good for removing blackheads on you nose etc. you can crush few mint leaves and then rub on your nose if you have black heads. You can feel the difference after washing the face.

Face pack with mint leaves helps in removing dryness from you skin too. Your skin will feel moisturized after using the pack.

So girls this time when you go for making a face pack, use mint leaves and feel the difference.

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