Look Like Celebrity With These Bangs And Fringes

With a little bit of styling you can make yourself look like celebrity. 

You can go for blunt bangs. These are famous in runways nowadays. These bangs can give softness to the face and adds a bit of edge to the routine. You can add fringe around your face. It will give you a dramatic effect and highlights your features. Reese Witherspoon supported it recently.

Look Like Celebrity

Whereas Lily Collin’s did thick bangs which gave a romantic touch to her otherwise normal hair. We can go for a cropped fringe if we are having very long hair. Zooey Deschanel followed it.

Look Like Celebrity

While Cameron Diaz supports a side swept bangs, which are very versatile and goes with every shape. You can change your look with different fringes and bangs. You can miss the bangs into the longer sections of your hair and create a totally different style like Dianna Agron. It’s really a great look for some evening out.

Dianna Agron

So girls you can choose what’s your own style among these.

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