Look Like Celebrity With D & G Sunglasses

This famous D & G Sunglasses which are celebrity’s choice, always has something new to offer.

You can not resist yourself from its versatile looks which include sporty, relaxed, and glamorous. This famous brand was created in mid 80s. This brand offers a number of designs of sunglasses with different shapes of frames, eccentric colors. They are mostly inspired by 70s and 80s vintage look and have flamboyant and fun collections having an urban feel to it.

D & G sunglasses


D & G sunglasses


D & G sunglasses


D & G sunglasses


D & G sunglasses


D & G sunglasses


D & G sunglasses


D & G sunglasses


Let’s know about the news styles

Cats that shimmer

It is one of the most favorite designs among their collections. It’s the dazzling D & G 6077. The frame is of cat eye shape. It has an appearance which is ultra-feminine. It will make you feel like a fifties film star and attract the attention of passers by for sure. It has got thin acetate which surrounds the lens makes it look luxurious. You can surely go for it if you want to stand out in the crowd because it’s very catchy and stylish.

Bold Aviator Style

It’s the D & G 3059. It looks very classical like Aviator and twisted it. And thick acetate that forms the frame is very simple and smooth. The sunglasses are very vibrant as they are with two-tone color combinations.
The D&G logo which is on the temple looks very luxurious. It offers eclectic combination of bright colors and neat touches.

Classic and classy

It’s a classic 3047 sunglass. It has a butterfly shaped frame. This allows for a retro vibe. Again it has smooth acetate which looks very unique. You can wear them in glamorous parties or functions. And these sunglasses can go with any attire and imparts a
very sophisticated look.

D&G Gets Bolder

Designs of these sunglasses re very unique and stylish. It brings always something fresh and new. Its D&G 3074. They can make any wardrobe look gorgeous. Its structure is a little bit exaggerated which makes the goggle special and unique. It has sleek acetate which gives it a polished look. These are boldly styled which will add a fifties style to the sunglass.

D&G’s Instant classic

This is D & G 6086 modal. It looks great every time and with every outfit. These are hits among celebrities. This is also a very refined designed. It offers combination of classic style and different craftsmanship. It has a thin metal frame like Aviator
sunglasses. The frame is not going with detailing. It gives a minimalist charm to the sunglasses. It has tear drop lenses which are rounder in shape. You can also go for blue lenses on his sunglasses. They are a trend these days. You can also choose classic gradient lenses which will add the old school kick.

So guys go for these classic and trendy D & G sunglasses and feel like a celebrity.

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