Look Gorgeous This Karva Chauth

Hey girls, Karva Chauth is approaching. All married women must have a big list of questions in mind like what to wear, what kind of eye makeup, nail art or which nail color, which lipstick shade, which accessories to wear etcetera.

karva chauth

The preparation for Karva Chauth begins few days before Karva Chauth. Women buy new dress, jewelry, cosmetics and puja related items. Karva Chauth is a rigorous fast kept by married women in which they are not supposed to eat anything. They can not even drink water.

The fast is broken at night after looking at the moon and their husband through a sieve or through the cloth of a dupatta. The water is offered to the moon. This fast is to pray God for the long and prosperous life of their husbands.

You can choose saree from this great collection. You can choose colors like maroon, emerald, mustard, scarlet.

karva chauth

You can also style your lehenga to resemble a sari. Just drap your dupatta into a pallu and then take it to your shoulder.

Here are some henna designs which you can wear on Karva Chauth.

karva chauth

karva chauth

karva chauth

karva chauth

10 minutes after applying henna, mix sugar and lemon in a small bowl and apply mixture on henna with cotton. Let it dries, then repeat the process.Do not use water to rub your mehendi. Rub your hands together to take off mehendi. You can heat clove and let the steam on your hand, it works wonders to make your mehendi dark. You can apply vaseline/mustard oil on your hand.

Now comes make up tips for karwa chauth.

For Eyes : Generally women go for dark colors clothes like maroon on this day, then you can go for bronze eyeshadow or gold or copper or dark maroon.

karva chauth

For Lips : Go for dark color lipsticks like maroon or red if you have fair complexion. Go for shimmer based makeup. Outline your lips with a lip liner. Go for peachy pink lipstick. Try Maybelline collection.

Karva Chauth

Go for bronzer blush if you have fair color or if you have wheatish or dusky, then go for brown blush and then apply bronzer on top.

Evening Make up :
Evening make up will start with washing your face. Then, apply a foundation depending on your skin tone. Apply shimmery light gold shadow on your lids. You can try black liner or any colored eyeliner also. Curl lashes and use mascara.

Go for peach pink blush for your cheeks. Go for bindi as it has a strong religious implication. Apply sindoor on the central parting of the hair.

If you want more traditional look, go for nose ring. You can adore your wrist with bangles matching with your dress. Apply perfume to stay fresh for long. You can go for payal also which is adorned with tiny bells. Try toe rings too. Paint your nails with matching nail paint or go for nail art. Now set your hairs and your are ready.

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