Look Gorgeous naturally

Look gorgeous naturally

Everyone wants to look good, beautiful, attractive everytime. Each and every girl whether fair, dark, tall, short, rich or poor wishes to be beautiful. But due to stressful life these days, girls are not getting time to take care of their skin and little ignorance can create a big trouble for us.

Just by including few things in your daily routine, you can look like a celebrity, and without using any makeup at all . A little dedication can save your hours of going to skin specialists and beauty parlours.Moreover, you can attend any party anytime without thinking and worrying about your skin.

Things to be included in your routine:

1. Regular exercise. Doing little exercise work wonders to bring natural glow to skin. It is recommended to take bath immediately to remove toxins and sweat.

2. Eat raw fruits and include green vegetables in your diet.

3. Drink tons of water(8 glasses are must). It helps in removing toxins and excess oils.

4. Sleep well(8 hours sleep is must for a beautiful skin).

5. Think positive as stress and tensions harms skin.Meditation and yoga can be done for peaceful mind.

Things to be kept in mind:

1. Before applying any cream, patch test is must.(Patch testing is applying cream behind your ear or on your elbow to check if your skin is hypersensitive to that cream or not).

2. Avoid shimmery products.

3. Honey can be applied on skin for glow.

4. Papaya (good antioxidant) can be applied on skin.

5. Avoid bleach. If using, avoid going out for sometime. Stepping out immediately after bleach harms skin.

Try these tips, we will be back with more tips for you. Share your experience with us. 

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