Lets Try Making Foundation For Any Skin Tone At Home

Experimenting yourselves with different beauty products is always a so enriching today let’s try making foundation for any skin tone ourselves.

Foundation For Any Skin Tone

You need two things for making foundation for your face. Carrier oil and moisturizer. But you must know how to choose the correct carrier oil for your skin. You can choose from olive oil, jajoba and almond oil. I chose olive oil because it’s quite good for my oily skin.

Now mix the carrier oil with mineral foundation well into a smooth paste. You should be very careful while mixing oil to the mineral foundation because excess can make your skin oily and less would leave it dry.

Now you can apply it as a liquid foundation. Its application is very easy, one can use the fingers or can also use cotton to spread and even out the foundation all over the skin.

The other option one can try is with moisturiser and mineral powder to make a foundation for the skin at home.

Girls you can check these ways to make foundation for any skin tone at home and find out how you feel.

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