Lets Explore Wardrobe for men for all occasions

Today we are going to check what all men’s wardrobe should include for all occasions like interview, wedding and date etcetera.

Dressing just perfectly as per the situation demands, is the key to create good impression.


Explore men wardrobe

Explore men wardrobe


A white shirt:

A white formal shirt is an essential asset which each guy should have in his closet. A well fitted white shirt would look very nice under suit and also it would look awesome when wore with pair of jeans at any occasion which does not require one to dress formally. White shirt worn with blue jeans is something which is evergreen; it looks really fab on guys.


A complete men’s wardrobe must have a well tailored suit.

Suit is an important part of men’s wear as anytime a situation can arise where you will have no choice but to wear that suit and if don’t wear suit then it will look bad on your part as everyone would be dressed in suit. So it’s very much required.  Now color of suit should be either grey or black and of medium weight wool as it lasts long and one can wear anytime throughout the whole year. It gives a classic look to men’s style no doubt.

Explore men wardrobe

Explore men wardrobe

Pair of jeans:

Now for the informal occasions one must have pair of jeans which should include colors like blue and black. One can wear any tee or shirt with these two colors and look trendy and stylish.

Some Ties:

One can not do without tie if one is wearing a suit to some formal occasion. Not only with suit but one can wear tie with shirt and trouser or in winters under sweater. Ties with different color should be bought and kept ready in the wardrobe because one can play with different ties depending on ones mood or depending on the color of shirt.

Black belt and black shoes:

A black belt is a must in the wardrobe. On every formal occasion one must wear black belt with the suit or it could be wore casually as well with jeans or a trouser. Apart from black belt, black colored shoes are also very essential as you can not do without them. Preferably buy leather shoes and belt. And one most important thing which many men are not aware of is, the color of belt and shoes should match always. A good belt and shoe would last for years; you don’t have to buy them so often.

Besides these, a pair of black woolen socks is a must with black shoes.  Woolen ones are better then cotton and other stuff. And don’t create blunder by buying different color of socks.

So guys what are you waiting for?? Make your wardrobe up to mark so that you just look perfect and just right at any time.

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