Lets Explore Natalie Portman Beauty Secrets

Girls Natalie Portman  shares some of her tips with us, which she has gained with her experience in day-to-day life. So let’s explore Natalie Portman beauty secrets.


Natalie Portman Beauty Secrets

Natalie Portman Beauty Secrets


Natalie Portman Beauty Secrets

Natalie Portman Beauty Secrets


Her fitness regime

She likes to swim and uses elliptical machine three times a week. She goes for getting massage and acupuncture for killing stress and for mental peace.

Her diet

Girls Natalie is a vegetarian. She likes to have oatmeal or eggs and toast for breakfast. In lunch she likes to have pasta, rice and beans. She also loves burger, tofu and vegetables.

Her relaxing way

She loves to be at home but her work demands  to be out all the time. So, whenever she is free she spends her time all day at home.

Beauty secrets

She uses lip ointment known as papaw ointment, which is found in Australia. She loves it because of it quality. She always uses sunscreen to protect her skin. She gives the advice of keeping your hands off your face and avoids excessive plucking of eyebrows because they don’t come back.

And never go for bleaching your hair twice a week. It will harm your hairs for sure.

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