Lets Explore Feet Care

Our feet work hard to take us to different places, but with the regular workouts they become dull and lifeless. Lets, talk about feet care today which need extra attention in keeping them neat and clean and beautiful also.

You can pamper your feet by applying some oil or thick cream on them and after that wearing socks over them while going to bed. By doing this you will get very soft feet in the morning. Taking good care of your feet is very essential as it will help in keeping away the problems like Athlete’s foot or other fungal infections.

It’s always very important to keep your toes and feet in good condition. Moreover when you take care of your feet they will look beautiful when you will wear foot wears like sandals as they make them very much visible. In winters also you should take care of them. Feet care is must to make them look beautiful.

Feet Care

Do wash your feet daily. When you go out for work or other stuff they become very dirty and collect lots of dust on them. So it becomes very essential to wash them when you are back to home. If you don’t take bath at night, make sure you wash your feet so that they should go neat and clean in bed without any dirt on them.

Feet Care

Wash them properly with soap by paying attention to the in between spaces of your fingers. Then you can dry them with towel. And you can also go for pedicure every two weeks. You can go to parlour for that or it can be done at home as well.

Pedicures help in keeping your feet soft and free from dryness and roughness, with your toenails clean and neat.You can also soak your feet for about 5-10 mins in lukewarm water.in the water you can also put essential oils or dead sea salts. They will make your feet smell good and will soften the hard skin while giving moisture to them. Then you can exfoliate the skin with foot scrub to take off the dry bad dead skin and then moisturize it. You should use a foot file or a pumice stone to scrub off well. You can also soak them for longer duration to get your feet hydrated.

Feet Care

Toenails can be cut in straight direction instead of curved shape. You can also use a nail file to smooth out the ridges and you can give them a curve shape also with them. Make sure the nails are cut to the right length to look good. You can also apply the cuticle oil to the toe nails that will soften and give moisture to the hard edges.

Orangewood stick could be used to make a smooth open area for your nail polish. When you are going to polish your toe nails make sure you clean the nail plates with nail polish remover properly. That will help in removing extra oils and old polish traces from the nails.

It will make your polish shine and stay longer. Toe separators can be used to keep your toes apart while painting your nails. Make sure you always use a base coat a clear layer of polish to ensure the smoothness of polish. And you should go for the three stroke method to apply the polish that will give an even look.

Feet Care

You can choose the nail color depending on the season. Like for winters go for reds, dark green , dark blue and white shade. For fall, you can go for browns, oranges and reds. For spring, pastel colors can be used. Apart from them soft greens, pinks, purples and blues. While for summers, bright colors can be used so go for light blue, yellow and white.

French polish is also an good option. These are nude or pale pink polish with white tips. It goes with everyone and with every clothe and skin. So you can play with different colors on toenails.

Out of some essential feet care tips for your toes is that you should put some lotion or cream on your foot before going to bed. And put socks over it. It will make your feet soft and good. Make sure the area between toes should not become over moisturized that can lead to fungus. And make sure you always use  nail polish remover which is acetone-free as acetone dries the nails and cuticles.

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Try these tips on feet care and make them look beautiful.

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