Know About Your Skin

Knowing about your skin and how to give it a proper care is really important. If not cared properly your skin may become victim of lots of enemies of skin, which damage the skin. So you should know about your skin and its total care.


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How much SPF is essential?

It’s been observed that sun protection is very much required and is essential. Exposure of skin to sunlight causes lot of skin problems as UV rays are very much harmful for our skin. Even in cloudy weather harmful rays can really cause serious harm to the skin like pigmentation or other harm. Sun damage can caused while you are inside your home through windows and other outlets.

So it’s a very useful advice to apply SPF daily for the protection. You can go for Bobbi’s SPF 35. It has a beachy sunscreen
smell and has a thicker cream that gives a fullcoverage. It has ingredients which make your skin look and feel good. It has sodium hyaluronate which gives moisture to skin. It gives proper sun protection and moisturization. It comes in several shades like ranging from very light to dark. So girls do try it.

Do you have oily skin?

Well if you have some problematic skin like your skin is very much oily, u need to go for medicinal products and very gentle moisturizer for the skin. And if you are going for harsh products to remove oil then it can lead to problems like redness, irritation, tightness. So go for gentle products which do not harm your sensitive skin.

Don’t run after expensive products

We all think that all good branded products are good for our skin and completely harmless but this is not the case. Even expensive products can harm your skin. So always go for research before buying anything for you skin because it very sensitive.

Daily skincare is essential

Don’t think that if once your skin has been harmed by some product it will be corrected by some other expensive alternative. It’s not the case. And sometimes damage cannot be restored at all. So it’s better to prevent your skin from harmful things and use good products on a daily basis.

Suffering from acne?


Women acne is the main skin problem. They can get stress related breakouts, and because of hormonal shifts in their bodies. Level of estrogen goes down, the androgen hormones cause sebaceous glands to produce more oil and that cause pimples on the skin. The painful bumps on the skin stay for weeks. And leave marks afterwards. You can try cortisone shot of that or go for Anti Cyst treatment.

Well eating habits may also be the reason for acne breakouts. Like eating certain food may cause their formation. So avoid dairy products if your skin is prone to acne problems. And greasy foods and chocolates can also be the cause of acne. If you have lots of ice cream, yogurt, milk and cheese, they can also trigger acne.

How to care your skin?


You can use a mild cleanser to remove any impurities from the skin in the day time. Then go for alcohol free toner and anti-oxidant serum to your face and neck. Then apply sunscreen to your face, neck and other open areas properly. Then you can go for mineral- based makeup to provide added sun protecting benefits. During the nigh time use a mild cleansing lotion to clear off skin from any dirt, bacteria and oil.

Then go for alcohol free toner and use anti-aging serum on tour exposed area that will help in nourishing and repairing the skin. And go for a moisturizer for your skin type to hydrate the skin cells. Then can apply lightweight eye cream.

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So girls enrich yourselves with the skincare methods to get a clear and beautiful skin without any problem.

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