Know About Indian Wedding Dresses

Weddings are an important part of every ones life. Bride and groom both want to look their best with best of their attires, jewellery and hairstyle.

Let’s share some tips on the Indian wedding dresses:

Brides from the traditional time have been wearing reds on the big day but nowadays they are opting amongst pink, golden, magenta, orange, yellow, and peach, blue. I would say don’t follow any rules just go with your heart and look best with your favorite color. But make it a point on this big day you must avoid color black.

Indian Wedding Dresses

We as Indians, love to follow our tradition. So the wedding dress should be like blend of both that it should have contemporary look to it also. Nowadays beautiful Sari drapes are coming which goes with the girls body shape. Lahenga style saris are very famous these days. These are draped to look like lashing and they do give a very lovely look.
Indian Wedding Dresses

Well with the dress we can not sideline the jewellery part. So girls do go for nice heavy neckpieces which are traditional with jhumka in ears and lots of bangles in your hands and of course a Mang tikka on forehead. And nowadays girls are going for artificial jewellery more like gemstones, pearl, diamonds, gold plated. And kundan designs are also very popular nowadays.

Indian Wedding Dresses

Some of the particular designer dresses opted by girls nowadays:

Brides want to look much more beautiful than others. They should look their best on the big day. So brides are going for Durga and Devyani Pochanpally saris that give a very chic look. They have bright colors and a zari border.
You can go for various variations in saris like unpolished zari, highly priced crystal pertaining to exotic glimpse. Others include nuggets, rubies, crystals and unpolished gallstones.
Well if you want to be simple on the big day, then there are latest trends, you can opt for like backless solitary piece cholis, tube major cholies. Others include halter guitar neck blouse. Celebrities are opting for backless tops and many go for interesting reductions and heavy patterns and simpler lehngas. Our famous Aishwarya Rai wore a regular Pochampally sari on her wedding reception.

So girls choose your wedding dress and create your style on the big day.

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