Know About Fusion Dresses

What are fusion dresses? Guys its all about mixing and matching different cloth to create stylish looks. You can always experiment and try different combinations on yourself to look different and attractive.

Fusion dresses can prove how creative and fashionable you are.

You can just make alterations with your day to day looks to make it different and fresh. These looks will break the monotony of wearing same kind of cloths in older ways.

We give you a list of fusion dresses which you can try and explore at yourselves…

Go for a semi formal look

Guys this look goes well for your outings. Pair your denims with a nice shirt and a waist coat added on. You can also choose vibrant colors to stand out. One can also go for prints and designs on the coat.

Dhoti pants with shirt

Try dhoti pants with a shirt and make a new style.

And if you want to add more color to the style, accessorize it with shades and sandals. This is again a kind of semi formal look. You can carry it in your office and also can go to a beach party with your friends with the same look.

You will look astonishing and funky in this unique style.

Linen pants with leather jacket

Fusion Dresses

Fusion Dresses

Well boys jeans with a leather jacket is a very clichéd look. Why don’t you try for some different look? This summer try linen pants with a leather jacket or can also wear linen pants with jacket which are not leather made. So you can create a style which is cool and smart both at the same time. It will give a totally new look.

Go for blazers

You can wear blazers of various shades on your ‘shorts combined with shirt look’ to make it some what different. You can also wear loafers with this look which will add more fun to the dress and will give a cool and stylish getup.

Lets try these fusion dresses and look stylish and unique.


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