Know About Asian Makeup

WELL GUYS ASIAN beauties are very popular these days. They are always heart and mind capturing. You guys must be wondering does Asian makeup exists, then the answer is yes it does.

Asian makeup requires few extra brush strokes as their skin defer from the westerners. Likewise if you are Indian then u must know how to make your eyes look smaller that should go with your small face. 

Well nowadays there are various companies like across the world which provide with high quality Asian cosmetics. Whereas renowned Dinair Airbrush Make up company offers products to suit every Asian skin type and tone.

Asian Makeup

Here given below are tips for an Asian makeup

As most of the Indians have oily skins so do apply a lotion to your face before layering it with anything. And allow your lotion to get dry and then use applies anything over it.

Go for yellow foundation as it suits the Asian skin. And then you can also go for putting some blush on your cheeks so that they should not look dull. One can for air brush foundation that does not clog your pores. Or can go for a primer than dusting powder on it.

You should give more time to contouring. With this you can hide your numerous flaws. Your flaws like flat face, big nose can be become well with this. Then comes eyebrow shapes. Shapes should be good and if brows are sparse then you can match the shade of eye shadow with eyebrows.

Asian Makeup

Medium eye shadows they are best for any Asian girl. You can also go for eyelid creases. You should keep it simple. Make a stronger top line with a deep color. Then apply a medium-tone shadow from your lash line to three quarters of your lid. Then use a lighter eye shadow under your brow bone to open your eyes.

Go for dark brown and charcoal eye liners they look good on Asian beauties than black eye liners as brown shades pop their small eyes.

Regarding eyelashes as most of Asian girls have straight eye lashes so you can curl them and add volume with mascara. They will look full and beautiful.

Coming to shade of blush if your skin is pale go for lighter shades like peach and coral and if dark then go for dark shades of pink or you can avoid it.

Regarding lips, go for lighter shades if you want to highlight your eyes and if you want of focus on your lips then can go for dark shades of lipsticks.

So guys I hope you must have become well aquainted with Asian makeup styles now.

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3 Responses

  1. rashika says:

    thanks for the good information, u said apply moisturizer before maikeup, i hv oily skin, but if i apply it, it will get more oily .. an you please explore it more…


  2. shaz says:

    no.. for oily face use light moisturiser. dont go for those containing lots of oil. can use aloe vera gel. its a good one.

  3. thanks for your post. my skin is very oily. what can i do. tell me a better solution

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