Know About Acne Problem

These days acne on skin can make you look really bad, no matters how beautiful you are, you look worse when you have these eruptions and marks left by them. 

There are various reasons for acne like if you sleep less and take insufficient rest then there is imbalance in the liver which leads to the eruptions.


Let’s find out what causes acne on one’s forehead?

Less sleep could be the cause of lot of pimples. According to the study when cytokines increase in no it infers with natural lipid from sebaceous glands and thus leading to acne on the face. So one should sleep early to avoid pimples and avoid things like alcohol and smoking and must drink lots of water.


It’s been also observed if you consume more chocolate and drink more coffee it also promotes to the growth of acne. Well it’s all been found that if you eat especially chocolate of low quality which have lots of sugar and trans fat that can result in skin problems like pimples.


There is solution to this problem you can eat those chocolates which have 85 per of cocoa in them. Next we have a danger from coffee as it can lead to increase in cortisol level. Coffee has no of organic acids that affect blood sugar and cortisol levels that lead to rise in blood sugar level and insulin level. I would say drink moderately not to the larger extent in order to keep away these skin hazards.

There are various ways to control acne problems :

Like you can make a mask with nutmeg and cinnamon. You can add turmeric in it. It works really quickly and fast. But don’t use it daily as these ingredients are quite warm and can burn your skin. Next we can try mask from mung bean. It’s gentler than the above one but it takes time in treating acne. Evening primrose oil is also good for pimples.

Others include mask from strawberry. You can go for this one. It can remove acne much faster. Aspirin and green tea could also be used on acne prone skin. Avoid consumption of dairy products.

Drinking milk, eating other dairy products like cheese etc. can cause acne on cheeks. But why acne occurs because of these products? It’s been found that most of the milk comes from pregnant cows, so their hormones reach inside our body when we drink milk. Next thing is iodine in milk.


It’s a result from iodine-fortified feed which is given to cows in order to prevent any infection. So having iodine inside our bodies may cause acne in people. If you find acne on your skin check your diet for dairy products.

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So guys try these and stay beautiful.

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