How beneficial is olive oil ?

Traditionally olive oil has been used in kitchen for cooking purposes.

But has anyone thought about its beneficial effects on skin and hair?


Benefits of olive oil

Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamin’s A and E  that repairs and refreshes skin that has been damaged due to sun exposure or other reasons like pollution and eating junk etc.

Regarding its use…

On skin.

Take some drops on hand and put it on cheeks. Leave it for some time and wash it with gentle soap and warm water.

For dry skin

One can make a scrub by mixing olive oil and sea salt and massaging it into the skin. It will give some moisture to the skin.

For nails

For giving your nails shine, rub some extra amount of oil around the nails.

For feet

Take some amount of olive oil and rub it in your feet and hands at night and cover your feet with socks. They will make your feet soft.

Lip care

Put some oil on your lips they will keep their moisturized and prevents chapping.

Besides these uses olive oil can be used to remove eye make ups also. It removes the makeup effectively and takes care of eyes very well.

So girls olive oil is not effective inside cooking but outside also. 

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