Healthy and Glowing skin

It’s not that difficult to keep your skin clean, healthy and glowing. In today time, when we all have hectic schedules, just doing certain things which might take less than an hour, can help you keep your skin youthful.

 These are certain tips one can keep in mind…

Aloe Vera gel: You can easily extract the oil from aloe Vera plant from its leaves or can buy ready made product from the market, as you feel comfortable. Apply the gel on your skin all over. It moisturizes the skin and takes away all dead skin cells and nourishes it.

Daily Skin Care

Daily Skin Care

Avoid Long Hot Showers: One must avoid hot showers for long duration as it is harmful to skin; it strips the skin of its useful oils. So instead, have short showers not more than 10 mins with cool water. It will freshen you up.

Multivitamins: Vitamins like Vitamin C, A, and B are very much essential for our body. So eat more and more fruits and green vegetables and take vitamin supplements daily in order to avoid their deficiency. Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C, which helps in keeping the skin smooth and young.

Avoiding excessive oil on skin:  Weekly use powder on your face, hands and neck in order to remove the oiliness on skin. Remember use loose powder that is free from any oil.

Garlic is very essential: garlic is an important ingredient in ones diet. It’s been found those skin cells have larger life span, look healthier which receive garlic on a daily basis. And it’s found that it’s an inhibitor for cancerous skin cells also.

Go carefully with cosmetics: If one has sensitive skin, her beauty products should be very simple. It’s recommended that one should avoid much fragrance, color or any product that has ‘antibacterial’ on its label. And one more thing which should be taken care of, one should have different moisturizer for different season as in winters skin needs more moisturizer so it should be heavy.

Avoid touching your face with hands: When you touch your chin, forehead or cheek, your hands transfer various germs and dirt on your face. So simply avoid it.

Exfoliate daily: Clear off all the dead skin cells and back heads daily from your body. It opens up the pores, so when you go for a shower, scrub your skin all over to clean your skin properly.

Try these and stay youthful.

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