Have A Perfect Smile

Guys’ white and good looking teeth are very essential for a beautiful smile. We often suffer problems like yellowing of teeth, teeth decay which make us feel shy when we interact with people. Lets follow few tips and get a perfect smile.

Get A Perfect Smile

Get A Perfect Smile

Drink lots of water after every meal to make sure nothing is stuck in your teeth.

Sugar-free gums help in cleaning the teeth as they form saliva in the mouth.

Apple, strawberries and carrot are good for our teeth. They help in cleaning them and keep them healthier also.

Baking soda and Saline mouthwashes help in killing bacteria in the mouth. Therefore salt helps in disinfecting our mouth.

Oil of Oregano helps in stopping tooth decaying. It’s considered very strong and useful.

Datun an ancient tooth cleaning technique is also very useful as it removes tooth decay, infections, bleeding and sore gums.

Neem oil mouthwash(Azadirachta indica oil mouthwash) is good for curing mouth ulcers and other problems.

Follow these to keep your teeth healthy and to get a perfect smile.

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