Guys Check Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP serum

This new product popularly known as Perfectionist CP Serum. Its really good as it keep your skin young, and clean, hydrated.

Perfectionist CP serum

Not only this, it also gives you extra boost. It has a feel which is siliconey and it is very less waxy. It is very lighter also and gives a comfortable feeling. Much attention is given on their packaging as it has different square bottles which are of different color like for hydrationist it is blue, idealist it is light green, and ANR is brown.

This serum also acts as a primer for make up for girls. Its silicon feel and rich texture gives its impression on skin when you use. And within few mins any wrinkles and lines are blurred on your skin. Its effect is very powerful and even the bestest of camera can not find the fault on your skin with its use.

Perfectionist CP serum

Serum contains proteins, amino acids and peptides and CPR-75 technology which help in formation of collagen and makes the skin stronger. It also lifts the skin and removes all the wrinkles. It gives a skin a foundation that is why we can use it as a primer as well.

This is really great formula which restores your skin’s lost shine. Its gives a light scent of flowers which is very pleasant. It’s more of the lighter kind.

So, girls if you worried for your wrinkles and lines on your face you must try the serum.

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